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Livingston, MT

Job Type

Full Time

About the Role

- On the ground project manager
- Execute the construction plans exactly as specified in the drawings and engineering
- Communicate questions or concerns with the director of construction promptly and consistently
- Act as point of contact to answer simple questions from clients and subcontractors
- Direct all questions or concerns that may affect the project timeline or budget to the Director of Construction
- Manage Base Camp employees on that site - keeping them on task and providing instruction at every task
- Understand all of the materials and their application throughout the construction
- Understand the expectations for subcontractors on-site and communicate any issues with the Director of - Construction promptly
- Have an understanding of expected labor budgets and report progress and concerns to the Director of Construction
- Act as a lead carpenter and to the greatest extent possible perform the physical work
- Report issues or concerns with employees to the Director of Construction
- Report progress on each construction project to the Director of Construction at the end of each shift
- Order and obtain basic construction materials as needed. For large material orders, defer to the Director of Construction
- ASK QUESTIONS in lieu of making assumptions. Foremen should expect to make a lot of phone calls. - ---Communication is key.
- Think beyond the task at hand to avoid working backwards later in the project
- Contribute willingly to all assigned tasks, regardless of skill set - all employees will participate in site maintenance, clean up, demolition, etc., as needed
- This can be a physically demanding position


  • 4+ years of experience managing construction projects

  • Strong past relationships with clients and subcontractors

  • Demonstrated experience in developing others

About the Company

About us

Base Camp Group executes custom residential, light commercial, and multi-family construction projects in Southwest Montana, East of the Bridger Mountains. We are focused on executing all of our projects in a manner aligned with our core principles and with the fundamental belief that by achieving excellence in the execution of our labors we can have a lasting positive impact on our community.

Our aim is to be the locally born professional construction and development company that discerning clients to turn to first, in lieu of hiring a firm from outside our community. Ensuring that Livingston benefits from the inevitable growth and expansion that we are facing.

The Base Camp Group core principles are
• Commit to excellence
• Operate with integrity, transparency, and honesty
• Provide our employees an opportunity for a career with a true living wage and the potential for professional growth
• Be a positive influence in the development and growth of our community
• Honor the place we call home by thoughtfulness in our actions and our work
• Inclusiveness and respect for diversity

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